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Deesha Medical and Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization working with the motto of making accessible, affordable, quality, sustainable healthcare and education. Unawareness regarding various diseases and health conditions has taken its toll on the Indian population, we also help spread awareness regarding basic healthcare and education to help its citizens.

our projects

Organ Donation Awareness


We help people to give someone a gift of life

Eye Donation 



We help people receive a gift of sight

Mobile Eye Care Units


Reaching the rural areas of India to ensure affordable healthcare for everyone


Capacity Building for Changemakers & NGO

Teaching more people from our experience




Raising awareness regarding the rare blood condition


Self Defense

Workshops for Girls

Empowering women to be self-sufficient to protect herself

Upcoming Events

  • World Sight Day
    14th Oct 2021
    Location is TBD
    14th Oct 2021
    Location is TBD

"Come, let's share a vision, so everyone can see the beautiful world. Donate eyes and support the noble cause of Swapnil & DEESHA Group."

PadmaVibhushan Dr K H Sancheti (Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon)

"Deesha Group is spreading the message of eye donation and providing 24x7 eye donation facility through Deesha Eye Banks. I convey my best wishes to Shri Swapnil Arun Gawande & DEESHA Group for their noble cause."

IAS Shri Rahul Mahiwal

"Deesha Group, an is doing Social, Cultural activities for the welfare of mankind and development of youth. I convey my best wishes to Shri Swapnil Gawande DEESHA Group in their noble venture."

IPS Shri Amitesh Kumar

"Eye bank’s campaign inspires 3.50 lakh to donate eyes posthumously."

The Times of India

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