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deesha international eye banks

In India, it is estimated that there 10 lakh people with corneal blindness. There are about 500 eye banks in the country which collectively perform 25,000 corneal transplants per year. Close to 50,000 eyes are harvested each year, but unfortunately only 45% only of these can be used for corneal transplant surgeries.

Deesha Education Foundation’s first eye bank, the Deesha International Eye Bank – Amravati was officially set up in the year 2013 and is first eye bank in Amravati Division. The Deesha International Eye Bank stipulates stringent standards of quality for corneas used in transplants. After realizing the need of eye bank infrastructure, Deesha Group has started a chain of eye bank and eye retrieval centers in various districts of Maharashtra.

Deesha International Eye Banks are registered under the HOTA/THOA (The Transplantation of Human Organ Act). They procure more than 1000 eyes and process then for corneal transplants through various transplant center. Eye balls which cannot be used for transplants are effectively used for various research and development programmes.

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