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"Come, let's share a vision, so everyone can see the beautiful world. Donate eyes and support the noble cause of Swapnil & DEESHA Group."


Dr K H Sancheti

(Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon)

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Eye donation is a way to enlighten the life of the corneal blind. Let's come forward for eye donation and also sensitize the family of the deceased whenever any such inside happens around us.

Shri Pradhyumna Ingle

Corporate Vice President

Henkel, Singapore

Nitin Chandrakant Desai

Deesha International Eye Banks are serving mankind and doing wonderful work by creating awareness of eye care, eye donation.

Shri Nitin Desai

Art Director

Founder - ND Studio Karjat


Organ donation is one of the important work in our country. I appreciate and congratulate Deesha Team for the decade-long service in this noble cause of organ donation.

Shri Nitin Gadkari

Cabinet Minister, Govt. of India


I congratulate DEESHA Group for launching the Mobile Eye Care Unit, which will make high-quality but affordable eye care accessible to people in rural and remote areas of the country.

IAS Mrs Pranjal Patil

Joint Secretary, Govt. of Delhi

Kshitij Khandelwal.jpeg

If you can't see anything, you can't solve anything. I request everyone to pledge for eye donation and support the mission of DEESHA Group.

Mr Kshitij Khandelwal

Forbes 30 Under 30;

Founder & CTO - Pixxel

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Anil Sahasrabuddhe_edited.jpg

“Activities started by Swapnil & DEESHA Group are inspirational to everyone. My tribute to all eye donors and their families”

Dr Anil Sahasrabudh

Chairman - AICTE New Delhi


The lower number of eye donations in India is very shocking. I appeal everyone to support the cause of DEESHA Group.

Shri Amit Waikar

Managing Director - ASEAN, Dohler Group

Dnyaneshwar Mulay_edited.jpg

Our country has a huge population, but the number of eye & organ donations is very less, and thus the list of waiting patients is increasing. Let's join hands for this cause.

IFS Dr Dnyaneshwar Mulay

Passport Man of India

Member - National Human Rights Commission

Uday Nirgudkar_edited.jpg

“Swapnil is very passionate. He could have earned huge money by joining MNCs, but instead of that he preferred to work for accessible and affordable healthcare.”

Shri Uday Nirgudkar

Independent Director

NHPC Limited

Vitthal Kamat

My friend Swapnil Gawande is doing beautiful work of gifting eyesight through eye donation. I appeal to everyone to support the noble cause of the DEESHA Foundation.

Shri Vitthal Kamat


Kamat & Orchid Group of Hotels


"Eye bank’s campaign inspires 3.50 lakh to donate eyes posthumously."

The Times of India

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