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Eyes of Love: A Daughter's Gift Illuminates Lives Forever through Eye Donation

Updated: May 12, 2023

Amravati, Maharashtra: On 8th May 2023, the unfortunate demise of Mrs Muktaben Mathurbhai Lotiya, a resident of Ambapeth, Amravati, left her family in deep sorrow. In the midst of grief, Ms Bhavna Deshmukh, a paramedic and volunteer of Deesha Group, inspired the Lotiya family to consider eye donation. Moved by the need to bring colours back into the lives of those who face such circumstances, the Lotiya family donated the eyes of Mrs Muktaben Mathurbhai Lotiya to D.E.F's Deesha International Eye Bank, operated by DEESHA Group and Deesha Education Foundation in Amravati.

The Medical Director of Deesha International Eye Bank, Dr Manish Totey, along with Mr Himanshu Bande and Trustee & Secretary Mr Swapnil Arun Gawande, completed the process of receiving the posthumous eye donation. The family members, including Mrs Shaila Parekh, Mr Naresh Lotiya, Mr Suresh Lotiya, and other members of the Lotiya and Parekh families, actively contributed to this noble cause. Expressing gratitude, the Lotia and Parekh families conveyed their heartfelt appreciation to the Deesha Education Foundation and all the executives and volunteers of Deesha International Eye Bank.

A heartwarming image showcasing a daughter handed over the eyes of her mother to Deesha International Eye Bank
Lotiya Family Donating Eyes of Late Mrs Muktaben Lotiya

In remembrance of Mrs Muktaben Mathurbhai Lotiya, we can also take the responsibility to pledge our eyes for donation, granting the gift of sight to those affected by visual impairment. Eye donation is not limited to individuals with perfect health; even individuals with high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, and those who have undergone cataract surgery or wear glasses can also contribute to this noble cause.

Let us embrace the sacred act of eye donation and through our collective efforts, illuminate the lives of those in need. Together, we can create a world where the gift of sight becomes a reality for all.

Save the Eye Donation Helpline Number 989-989-8667 / 7378656145 of Deesha International Eye Banks.

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