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Embracing the Gift of Sight: A Heartfelt Tribute by Deesha Eye Bank on World Eye Donation Day

In the lives of the visually impaired, the opportunity to witness the beauty of this magnificent world once again is an invaluable gift. On the occasion of World Eye Donation Day 2023, Deesha Education Foundation, in collaboration with DEF's Deesha Eye Bank Yavatmal and Sanjeevan Multispecialty Hospital Yavatmal, organized a heartfelt event to pay tribute to the loved ones of those who generously donated their eyes.

The distinguished chief guest for this meaningful program was Mr Aniruddh Bakshi, the Subdivisional Officer of Yavatmal; Dr Sanjay Ratnaparkhi - President of IMA Yavatmal; Trustee & Secretary of Deesha Education Foundation, Mr Swapnil Arun Gawande, along with Dr Vijay Kavalakar and Dr Vijaya Kavalakar. On this momentous occasion, certificates of honour and appreciation were presented to the dear ones of 29 eye donors, symbolizing their noble act of eye donation.

Acknowledging their commendable governmental service and inspiring many with their dedication to eye donation, Mr Aniruddh Bakshi was complimented with a special honour. Similarly, recognizing their unwavering commitment to eye donation, the selfless volunteers from Yavatmal— Dr Alok Gupta, Dr Nizamuddin Ansari, Prof. Kashinath Lahore, Mr Aniruddh Pandey, Mr Raju Jain, Mr Vishal Veer, Mr Amol Deshmukh, Mr Rajesh Chanakhekar, Mr Nishikant Nanavatkar and others.

Felicitation of Eye Donor Families at DEF's Deesha Eye Bank Yavatmal
Felicitation of Eye Donor Families at DEF's Deesha Eye Bank Yavatmal


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